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Top 5 Furniture Manufacturers in the Philippines: List of Furniture Companies to Grow Your Business

The Philippines is a South Asian country known for being a hub for businesses. It is home to a number of big furniture manufacturing companies that are making waves both locally and on the international scene alike. 
Getting the right furniture maker can be a little hard owing to the sheer number of players in the local market. To make your work easier, the following are the top 5 manufacturers you should check out.

Megaoffice Surplus Philippines

  • Location: Manila
  • Company type: Office Furniture
  • Year founded: 2012
  • Number of employees: 26-50
  • Key Products: Tables, Chairs, Office Wardrobes

MegaOffice Surplus has been operational for eight years now, and during that short time, they have established themselves as the premier go-to supplier of office furniture for people all over the Philippines. They are best known for their cheap but quality furniture pieces, and they have a wide client base, especially in the capital, Manila.
On top of supplying businesses with furniture, the company also deals with the buying and selling of used furniture. They take in any type of furniture in a repairable condition and transform it into saleable pieces at low prices. They have showrooms in all major towns in the nation.

Queens Arts and Trends Corp

  • Location: Manila
  • Company type: Office Furniture Supplier
  • Year founded: 2010
  • Number of employees: 101-200
  • Key Products: Office Furniture

This furniture company based in the capital has been providing offices and other types of business with furniture for about a decade now. They are best known for incorporating art into their pieces in various unique ways, making them one of a kind in the highly saturated furniture market.
On top of supplying furniture, Queens Arts and Trends Corp also handles interior design work for their clients, which allows them to match everything with the furniture they are supplying. They have an online shop where clients can browse through their catalog.


  • Location: Quezon City
  • Company type: Used Office Furniture Supplier
  • Year founded: 2006
  • Number of employees: 6-10
  • Key Products: Office Furniture

Officebusters is a furniture supplier based in Quezon city that has dedicated its operations to recycling. Rather than use raw materials from the environment, they dismantle used furniture and create new products out of it. This helps them kill two birds with one stone; Ensure a cleaner environment and procure raw materials on the cheap.
The products they reproduce are so high quality that it is hard to imagine they are fashioned out of recycled materials. They have clients all over the country who also double up as their suppliers of used furniture.

Jecams Enterprises

  • Location: Quezon City
  • Company type: Office Furniture Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Year founded: 2009
  • Number of employees: 16-25
  • Key Products: Office Furniture

Established in 2009, Jecams Enterprises is one of the leading furniture manufacturers and suppliers in the South Asian nation. It is a PCAB accredited company, a status reserved only for the best manufacturing companies in the Philippines. Jecams designs custom furniture for their clients, depending on the outlay of their offices. Their after-sales services include delivery, production, installation, and implementation. Simply put, they go the whole mile for their customers.

A.R Kitchen Cabinet Design

  • Location: Cebu City
  • Company type: Kitchen Furniture Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Year founded: 2018
  • Number of employees: 6-10
  • Key Products: Home Furniture

With barely one year in the market, A.R Kitchen Cabinet Design is already rubbing shoulders with established companies. Owned by Dennis Rosos, the company that’s based in Cebu has taken advantage of the housing boom that hit the nation a little over 3years ago. Most of the interior kitchen design in many homes around the city have been designed by the company.
The company relies on a team of highly skilled and creative furniture designers as well as a good customer care department that ensures every customer gets exactly what they paid for and that they get it on time. Their products go beyond kitchen furniture and include bedrooms, living rooms and generally all types of home furniture.


These are just a few of the many reliable furniture manufacturers in the Philippines. You can always look them up online and check out all the products in their catalog for comparison purposes. Another great way of discovering other good furniture makers would be to attend furniture fairs and exhibitions of which we are best placed to inform you about, simply visit our website and get all the latest furniture fair news as they stream in.

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