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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Furniture Market in China


Any conversation on global industrialization would be incomplete without the mention of China. The country has proven itself to be a formidable manufacturing hub with its abundant skilled labor and low production costs. It remains a major supplier of products to countries and consumers all over the world.

The furniture industry, in particular, has been on a steady growth path both locally and internationally. In 2018, the value of furniture exports was approximately $53.69 billion and has maintained an upward trend in subsequent years. In fact, China is currently the largest exporter of furniture in the world. 

With over 50,000 manufacturers in the sector, there is an immense variety of options to choose from. In addition, if you are looking to buy furniture in bulk, China's furniture market is the perfect shopping destination. Wholesale purchases attract favorable prices and manufacturers have the capacity to fulfill large orders fast.  

Types of Furniture in the Market

Every kind of setting requires its own kind of furniture. Some businesses even require special designs to suit their aesthetic or the amount of space available. The beauty of the furniture market in China is that every sector is accommodated.

Contrary to widespread beliefs, the quality of production is quite high and eco-friendly. Further, it is possible to have your order customized to your specifications. Such arrangements are highly suitable for businesses such as hotels among others that need furniture that fits their decor. 

The following are some of the types of furniture you can find in the market.

Home Decor Furniture

It is a delightful experience to come home to a beautiful space. The kind of furniture you choose for your home makes a big impact on your decor. However, to achieve your desired decorative scheme you may want unique pieces and sometimes you may not find them locally.

For your elegant glass kitchen cabinets, extra-large beds, metallic furniture, and such special designs, China is your best bet. Instead of commissioning a carpenter and hoping they meet your standards, you can choose from many ready pieces on display. Moreover, the prices are affordable and you will have different shops to compare.

Living Room Furniture

One of the most social spaces in any home is the living room. Family time or hosting guests, all happens there. Good living room furniture is both pleasant in decor and comfortable. It would also need to be durable given the frequent usage of the room. That said, good quality sofas, dining room sets, or entertainment consoles can be hard to find. 

China's home furniture markets give you the advantage of choosing innovative designs built to last. Great concepts such as interlocking furniture that requires no nails or adhesives will serve you for a long time. They are worth the trip.

Office Furniture

When buying office furniture, you often need to acquire many pieces for staff and office guests. 
Additionally, you would require comfortable pieces given the many hours of a workday. In order to present a good business image, the furniture needs to reflect the company's standards too.

All these factors can make buying office furniture expensive and difficult, but, what if you had a better option? When you choose to buy office furniture in China from a reliable supplier, they could offer you: 
  • Wholesale prices for enough units to furnish your whole office
  • Assistance with shipping logistics to your preferred destination

Outdoor Furniture

The main distinction in the design of outdoor furniture is that it needs to be able to withstand weather changes. Untreated wood, for example, would rot when constantly exposed to moisture from rain or dew. Still, it also needs to be lovely.

Since ancient times, bamboo has been used in China for house construction and making furniture. It is both resilient to seasons and versatile in style therefore quite ideal for the outdoors. Who better to buy it from than the outdoor furniture manufacturers in China that have expert experience with bamboo? Nevertheless, if you would prefer other varieties made from wood or metal, they are available too.

Hotel and Restaurant Furniture

Did you know that one of the reasons metal cabinets are preferred in commercial kitchens is because of formaldehyde emissions? Formaldehyde is a flammable gas and is harmful to human health. It is emitted from some types of processed wood.

Furniture manufacturers are mandated by law to produce eco-friendly units. You would not have to worry about dangerous gas emissions in your restaurant if you buy hotel furniture in China. You would also be spoiled for choice when it comes to options for tables, chairs, and even beds for guest accommodation in your hotel. All hospitality needs are catered for.

Kids' Furniture

One of the worst manufacturing scandals was one involving lead paint used in children's nurseries and cribs. It resulted in many of them suffering developmental challenges. The lesson from that unfortunate incident is the importance of safe furniture for children.

The use of water-based paints is a standard employed by manufacturers of children's furniture in China. They are safer and do not require toxic solvents. On a more joyful note, you can choose from many cheerful and cartoon-decorated designs of kids' furniture. The variety of products covers all ages from newborns' cribs and bassinets to teenage study chairs and tables.

Where Can I Access the Best Furniture Markets in China?

Geographically speaking, China is a very large country. Furniture is manufactured in different parts and it is advisable to know of them beforehand. Visiting the major cities alone would not give you the full experience of the furniture options available.

The main variations between the furniture-making hubs are brought about by differences in natural endowment and infrastructure. Some areas have raw materials that others do not while others have better infrastructural systems. It is these factors that influence the type, quality, and quantity of furniture that an area produces.

Here is a look at some of the best furniture markets in China.

Furniture Market Boost in Yangtze River Delta China

The Yangtze River Delta region is located in East China. The area has a good infrastructural network which enables manufacturers to have access to different kinds of inputs. Some of them include metal, plastic, and wood. In regards to the population, the people of Yangtze are skilled and provide a reliable workforce for the furniture industry. 

Business owners there are more liberal and invest largely in marketing and publicity. It is probably why they have attracted foreign brands like America's Lazyboy to establish partnerships with local manufacturers. Such success can also be attributed to government support for businesses in the region.

Shanghai City, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu Provinces are the leading regional furniture markets of the Yangtze Delta Region. However, each of them has their own strengths in producing certain furniture. Some of the furniture markets you may want to explore in the region include:

  • Haining City, Zhejiang - for leather sofas

  • Hangzhou City, Zhejiang - produces some of the best office furniture in China including chairs, filing cabinets, desks

  • Dangshan Town, Zhejiang - for all bathroom cabinet needs

  • Likou Town, Jiangsu - a major wholesale center for all kinds of furniture

Overall, if you are looking for chairs of any kind, the furniture markets in East China will not fail you. It is with good reason that Anji in Zhejiang province is popularly known as the 'chair manufacturing capital'. From office furniture to sofas and everything in between, it is all available. 

Every September, the Shanghai Intern'l Expo Centre hosts buyers and manufacturing companies for the China International Furniture Fair. It is an ideal trade fair for international buyers because it is mainly focused on exports. It features high-end modern furniture and displays an array of products from international brands. Even for a novice entrepreneur or consumer, it can be an eye-opening experience of what the region has to offer.

Furniture Market Boost in Pearl River Delta China 

Geographically, the Pearl River Delta Region is located in Southern China in the Guangdong province. The estimated population of people living in the area is approximately 120 million.
It is a megacity comprising jurisdictions referred to as prefectures in China. The main ones in terms of furniture manufacturing are:
  • Dongguan
  • Shenzhen
  • Guangzhou
  • Foshan

Development within the agglomeration of cities began decades ago hence its infrastructure is topnotch. It was also among the first beneficiaries of China's Reform and Opening Policy that increased trade and encouraged economic development.

The following are the main furniture markets in the Pearl River Delta Region.

Guangzhou Furniture Market

Due to the intricate transport network that links Guangzhou to neighboring towns, it is often linked to their markets. For example, Lecong which is 30 kilometers away. It is this scenario that makes it such a huge center for furniture buyers from across the world. 

If you are looking to buy wholesale furniture from China, Guangzhou will meet your needs. There are retail outlets for smaller purchases too amidst the multitude of shops to pick from. Still, add to that, the frequent exhibitions that gather furniture products from different manufacturers around the country. 

Let us explore two important China furniture markets in Guangzhou.

Shunde Furniture Market

Located an hour away from Guangzhou via taxi, Shunde is arguably one of the best furniture markets in China.It sprawls for 5 kilometers and about 20 different streets. 

When it comes to manufacturers you will find more than 1500 and if you are an entrepreneur, there are over 3000 international dealers. You could source directly from them and use their established international networks to ship to your home town. Examples of malls to visit in the Shunde furniture market would be:

  • Shunde Empire Mall - has 4 showrooms on each with its own theme of furniture from royal to modern among others

  • Lecong Tuanyi International Furniture City - offers great after-sale services and high-end  furniture as well as an exhibition wing

If you are not a local resident, you may want to consider accommodation options in nearby areas such as Guangzhou. In regard to hospitality services, you may find Shunde rather limited. 

Pazhou Furniture Market

The Pazhou furniture market is located in the heart of Guangzhou. It is a mammoth exhibition center that carries more than 500 brands of furniture of different types. The manufacturers that sell their products in the building are from diverse areas of China. If you have limited time or resources, this would be an ideal one-stop-shop.

At Pazhou, you will find furniture and decor for your home as well as fittings such as cabinets and closets. Further, you will not just be limited to China's home furniture designs as it is one of the rare malls with an import section. The imported furniture section of the market offers productions from Europe and America.

Are you wondering what kind of quality to expect from such a large market? You will be glad to know that the Pazhou furniture market has a quality management team. Only high standard furniture is stocked.

Foshan Furniture Market

Foshan is located in the Guangdong province. It is an equally formidable source of furniture in comparison to the markets of Guangzhou. According to analysts, in the greater Pearl River Delta region, Foshan accounts for a great deal of the furniture produced. 

Some of the best furniture markets in China are located in Foshan's Lecong town. In it, you will find a range of malls, shops, and exhibitions. There are small to medium retailers as well as wholesale dealers. You can ship out your merchandise through the Guangzhou or Shenzhen ports that are near the town. 

For all your furniture needs, consider visiting:

Louvre Furniture Mall

Established in the year 2000, this mall is located in the Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Centre. It spans about 380,000 square meters and has 6 floors of leisure facilities and shops.

It would be ideal if you are looking for high-end furniture and are willing to pay the price for it. You will find both local and European brands of home, office, and kids' furniture. Besides furniture shops, there is also an exhibition side for more furniture and related accessories.

Sunlink Furniture Market North Area

It is a very modern market that integrates furniture shops and relevant business services. They include a container loading area, customer service center, and a shuttle service among others. It is 200,000 square meters in size.

The Sunlink furniture market is a go-to if you are looking for high-quality furniture in modern, Asian, or minimalist styles. It has designated shopping areas for living room and bedroom units, office furniture, and mahogany furniture too. It stocks more than 400 top brands.

Sunlink Furniture Market South

It was the first Sunlink mall to be put up way back in 1989 and sits on a floor space of 20,000 square meters. Even with modern competitors around it is still a reliable market to shop in.

If you are looking to buy wholesale furniture from China, this would be the perfect market for you. It is also more fairly priced and offers quality merchandise. It has procurement departments for:

Red Star Macalline International Building Material Mall

The Shanghai Red Star Macalline group owns this mall. Currently, it has a square footage of 120,000 but it is under expansion. It has been operational since 2007.

It prides itself on being a wholesale center with more than 2000 brands on offer. Home, office, hotel, and kids' furniture are all available. You will also find top tier Chinese furniture brands as you shop in the mall. If you are a good negotiator, you may easily secure great bargains.

Empire Furniture Market

There are four different showrooms spaced out over 60,000 square meters of floor space at Empire mall. Each of them is dedicated to a particular style of furniture. The styles are:
  • Pricerite
  • Royal
  • Noble
  • Modern

The shops in this mall are more focused on wholesale trade. In terms of pricing, anticipate midrange to high price tags. However, you are likely to get value for money based on the items you choose. They stock sofas, home furniture, accessories, and hotel furniture.

China International Furniture Fair

Up until 2020, there have been 46 editions of the China International Trade Fair. It is held each year in March in the import-export zone of Guangzhou. Brands and manufacturers are required to sign up well in advance and meet qualifications to participate. The fair happens in two phases:

  •  March 18th to 21st - dedicated to home furniture and textiles, outdoor and leisure units
  •  March 28th to 31st - a showcase of office, public institution, hotel, and metal furniture

However, there is another leg held in Shanghai in September to cater to that regional market.

The China International Furniture Fair is a significant marketing and networking event in the industry. New brands get a chance to introduce themselves to the market and make an impression. On the other hand, businesses get a chance to exchange new innovative ideas and policy matters such as sustainability. Machinery manufacturers also present the latest production technology they have come up with.

For buyers, it is an opportunity to indulge in a display of magnificent variety. Moreover, some dealers that participate often have attractive discount offers.

The fair usually attracts:
  • About 150,000 buyers 
  • More than 1000 local and foreign furniture brands
  • Manufacturers of furniture production machines

Furniture Market Boost in Northeast China

The Northeast region has a long rich history of industrialization. In the past, it was one of the main industrial areas in the country. However, the economic restructuring of the economy of China saw many industries close down or be one privatized. For this reason, in comparison to other regions such as East China, its infrastructure is not at a very high standard.

Through the Northeast Revitalization Plan, the government is continually making efforts to return the region to its former productive glory. It intends to upgrade the transport network for easier access among other measures to spur economic activity. Notably, though, the furniture industry there has remained robust over the years.

Huafeng, a public factory, and Shuangye are the two most prominent regional manufacturers. Nonetheless, there are many others you may want to visit and compare. You will find additional furniture markets and factories in:
  • Dalian
  • Shenyang 
  • Liaoning province
  • Heilongjiang province

What types of furniture would you find? Well, if you are the kind of shopper who appreciates the quality of authentic solid wood, this is for you. Beds, dining room sets, tables, and desks among others are made from the finest local raw materials. 

Unlike other major cities, it may not be an easy place to navigate but you can get some local guidance. Considering how elusive and expensive solid wood can be, It would not be a wasted trip.

Unfortunately, annual trade fairs and exhibitions exclusive to the region have not yet been set up. Manufacturers from the Northeast tend to shuttle between Guangzhou and Shanghai to participate in expos. You might be lucky enough to find them at large regional events such as the Autumn China International Furniture Fair. It is held in Shanghai in the middle of September at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Furniture Market Boost in South West China

South West China is a vast region that has been growing steadily in recent years. For a long time, it was nowhere near as modern as Shanghai or Beijing but today it is much more advanced. The main city in the region is Chengdu in Sichuan. 

The key furniture markets in the Southwest are concentrated in Chongqing and Chengdu, Sichuan. Chongqing is a municipality directly under the national government which gives it developmental support. Chengdu has built itself up into an exportation base with a profitable export processing zone. Its Shuangliu airport is one of the busiest and the city also boasts of the first express cargo train connecting China to Europe. 

If you choose to shop for furniture in Southwest China markets you would mostly find wooden and upholstered furniture. In terms of quality, they focus on lower-quality cheaper furniture that they export to low-income countries. Their portfolio includes both home and some of the most diverse office furniture in China. However, there are a few factories that also specialize in modern higher-quality design.

There are two main trade fairs that happen in Chongqing and Chengdu. They are:

  • The Chongqing International Furniture and Home Industry Expo in October. It covers a wide scope of home furnishings but attracts furniture manufacturers too. Its venue is the Chongqing International Expo Center.

  • The International Furniture Fair Chengdu usually held in June is more furniture focused. If you are wondering where to buy home furniture in China you will find samples from many companies on display. It is often hosted at the West China International Expo City.

Chengdu has a temporary visa-free transit plan for a select number of countries that you can take advantage of to attend such trade fairs.

Other Access to Furniture From China

Not everyone has the financial ability to travel all the way to China to source for the furniture they need. Time can also be a constraining factor among other logistical challenges. So, what are your options if you are not able to make the trip?

A Sourcing Agent

You may feel that you need someone physically on location who can navigate the best furniture market in China. Sometimes that is what it takes to find exactly what you need. In such a circumstance, it would be advisable to take on the services of a trusted sourcing agent. You would only need to explain what you are looking for and they would find it for you at a fee. 

Take your time to check out their credentials and service history. Reviews from past clients would give you a clear picture. Better yet, seek recommendations from friends or family who may have used a sourcing agent. 

Online Search

Thanks to the internet, the world now rests on the palms of our hands, literally. On any smart device, you can search for keywords describing what you are looking for and get instant results. Sometimes this can be a more preferable method than involving a middle-man.

Based on the results, you could reach out to the companies and request a quote on the products you are interested in. Email or social media forums may be good avenues to try. You will need to continuously liaise with them until your order is fulfilled.


Through the use of reliable online platforms, purchases can be made at the touch of a button from across the globe. As a matter of fact, in 2019, the China furniture industry recorded revenues from E-commerce worth $68.9 billion. The beauty of e-commerce is that it is akin to having a whole directory of products and suppliers compiled for you. 

Let us look into one of the available E-commerce options.

Online Platform - Alibaba

Alibaba is a highly successful E-commerce platform. As a user, it gives you access to thousands of products from numerous suppliers. You get to compare prices and features all from your device.

On furniture shopping, more than half of the furniture manufacturers in China have their merchandise up for sale on Alibaba. Moreover, the inventory is constantly updated to indicate new additions or offers. The top designs of office, home, kid's, and outdoor furniture in China are all available on the site.

Unfortunately, requests such as customizations and unique orders may be difficult to achieve through this platform. It is convenient but limits the buyer-seller relationship.


Reading of all the options that are available for picking in the vast furniture markets of China may have you overwhelmed. However, you do not need to be, it only provides certainty that you can find what you need.

You can start out by clearly listing your needs and your corresponding budget. Armed with the two, you can then decide on a suitable mode of purchase and which regions would serve you best. Through this elimination exercise, you will come up with a streamlined list of purchase options.

The final step will be to ship your purchases. Try and choose a reliable service of good repute. It would be unfortunate to have your order damaged or misplaced in transit. 

Furniture shopping in China may be the best decision you ever make but only if you do it right. Now that you have all the details to guide you, shop away.

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