• 2024/03/05 20:31:22

    China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) Unveils 2024 CIFF Asia Pacific Design Summit

    Guangzhou, China – March 20, 2024 - The China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) in Guangzhou is known as the Mecca of trade shows and a vibrant stage for design innovation. As international collaborations progress, the 53rd installment of CIFF is poised to connect the Asia Pacific region by convening prominent figures and leading design authorities from different countries and regions on March 20th for the "2024 CIFF Asia Pacific Design Summit."
  • 2024/02/12 16:37:35

    Zhen Fund in Beijing Working in the clouds

    Zhen Fund that takes advantage of immersive urban views, while also conveying a sense of the significance and dynamism of the client's work, and the tremendous joy and enthusiasm that is so characteristic of this company.
  • 2024/02/10 16:30:47

    Focus Hangzhou Connecting with the sky

    "Urban landmarks are not so much about a name, but more about a pattern, a kind of power and grandeur, and a poetic lifestyle that integrates Eastern artistic conception with Western form." (Joe Cheng)
  • 2024/02/08 16:21:20

    Frame China Office. A workspace featuring a sense of extension and transparency

    Taking "FRAME" as the theme to reinterpret space, structure, form, and material, the design of the new editorial branch of Frame magazine in China presents an innovative and inspiring working environment and communication platform to employees and visitors.
  • 2024/02/06 15:48:34

    Forest Villa A sustainable, timeless and minimal residential space

    The design of Forest Villa is inspired by reverence and analogy of nature, allowing the architecture to learn from the natural growth of a forest, such as a sequence of pillars like a grove of trees, with each one having random textures and proportions for a tactile and visual sensation.
  • 2019/03/28 11:11:04

    A Design Event Making Your Ideas at the Forefront

    2019 March 18-21 & 28-31, 2019 CIFF Break the Boundaries between Time and Space Invite You In an Immersive Friendly ....
    activity poster of  the CIFF events in 2020