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CMF Trends Lab_2024 -- A Sneak Peek at the World's Leading Materials and Capturing the Forefront of Design Trends

The 53rd China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) is poised to be held in Pazhou, Guangzhou from March 18-21 and March 28-31, 2024! Within this event, the CMF Trends LAB_2024 special exhibition will once again reconnect with the industry.


As the inaugural thematic special exhibition at the China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) dedicated to CMF (Color, Material, and Finish) design and trends, CMF Trends LAB has successfully hosted three thematic special exhibitions to date.

Since its establishment, the exhibition has consistently focused on and delved deep into the future trends of CMF, spanning areas such as craftsmanship technology, cultural aesthetics, lifestyle, and consumer behavior. It presents an avant-garde, internationally-oriented design trend showcase, offering audiences insight into the forthcoming innovations and revealing emerging future trends.

image2Pictures of previous exhibitions

image3Pictures of previous exhibitions

The "CMF Trends LAB_2024" special exhibition will be presented in two phases. Rooted in professionalism and foresight, it showcases the latest CMF trends from two perspectives: designers and material suppliers.

The theme of the first phase is "CMF Trends LAB," presenting trends through various formats such as samples, physical objects, case studies, and research reports. The exhibition delves into the underlying logic behind trends, exploring the realms of craftsmanship technology, cultural aesthetics, lifestyle, and consumer behavior.

The theme of the second phase is "CMF Trends International Material Gallery." This phase integrates CMF (Color, Material, and Finish) to interpret future design trends. With a focus on new surface decorative materials, it introduces the research and development strength of international brands, driving thematic interaction and collaboration between material suppliers and designers. The aim is to create an internationalized positioning for a professional material gallery.

International Curatorial Lineup. Four Thematic Curatorial Units.

The "CMF Trends LAB_2024" special exhibition will introduce the curatorial units of the four major thematic trends of the year: " AI Think," " Ethereal," " Travel prescription," and " Hooked." The exhibition will showcase design installations featuring new materials and applications.

Curator for the “AI think”unit
Jamy Yang
Founder and Design Director of YANG DESIGN and YANG HOUSE, Collector, Forbes' Most Influential Chinese Industrial Designer.

Artificial intelligence offers a thinking mode distinct from the human brain, employing algorithms to analyze data for content generation. When integrated with human creative thinking, it inevitably unleashes creativity. Exploring new domains, identifying and resolving issues, AI sparks the release of creativity, thereby expanding the breadth and depth of design.


Curator for the "Ethereal" Unit
Michael Young
Founder of Michael Young Studio (MYS)

No matter how lengthy time may be, it can never match eternity. It's more rewarding to capture the beautiful moments in life, freezing them in exquisite frames, much like adorning a home as a replica of the soul. Discovering wonders in the ordinary aspects of life, transforming these fleeting moments into everlasting memories, imparts profound meaning to our existence.


Curator for the “Travel prescription” unit.

Mimi Yan
Editorial Director & Publisher of ELLE DECORATION;
Co-founder of MY STUDIO

In the modern era, people construct cities, reside in skyscrapers, and isolate themselves from nature, leading to a gradual accumulation of physical and mental stress. Consequently, the yearning to return to nature intensifies. Therefore, it is essential for us to initiate an escape plan, distancing ourselves from the urban hustle and bustle to rejuvenate. Through intimate connections with unfamiliar environments, our psychological wounds can experience short-term healing and nourishment.


Curator for the “Hooked”Unit

Xiaojing Huang
Strategy director and partner of YANG DESIGN, chief editor of China Design Trends Report

Amidst the pressures of contemporary society, young individuals find themselves grappling with identity crises, with a conflict arises between societal expectations and personal aspirations. Consequently, the pursuit of happiness becomes a paramount need, reflecting their exploration of life's meaning. They endeavor to craft an ideal persona through internet-famous plants, engaging in the flow of handicrafts, and embracing dopamine colors, transitioning from newbies to seasoned masters.


Multi-tiered Trend Forums and Immersive Thematic Workshops

The rich and diverse interactive activities during the exhibition period are also a prominent feature of "CMF Trends LAB."

The "CMF Trends LAB_2024" special exhibition forum has extended invitations to global material experts, including Chris Lefteri, Vice President of the Color Marketing Group (CMG) Montaha Hidefi, RAL COLOURS, the Home Color Research Institute of the China Fashion & Color Association, Lianyi CMF Innovation & Research Institute, M-SEEN, Matrix Design, and other international authoritative researchers and trend research institutions. Together, they will curate a series of professional themed forums covering color trends, home interior design trends, material design trends, lifestyle trends, and more.

Previous Workshop On-Site Images

Each workshop is eagerly awaited by the on-site audience. At the "CMF Trends LAB_2024" special exhibition, we will offer Material Application Workshops, Innovative Materials Workshops, Sustainable Handcraft Workshops, Color Matching Workshops, and Home Color Workshops. Top CMF trend designers and color trend research experts will serve as workshop instructors, guiding the on-site audience to explore the endless possibilities of color, materials, and surface technology across various fields.

Anticipating new trends in CMF design and application is influencing the core competitiveness of brands and enterprises, enabling them to seize opportunities in differentiated competition. Through CMF Trend LAB, we aim to help global design partners and brands capture the latest design trends. We welcome everyone to visit and experience it firsthand.

Exhibition Information

Phase I :March 18 to 21, 2024, Home Furniture Fair
Booth: 4.1D30, Area A, Canton Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou

Phase II :March 28 to 31, 2024 ,Office and Commercial Space/Equipment ingredients Fair
Booth: S16.3 C07, Area C, Canton Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou

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