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address 中国北京市东城区安定门外小黄庄路甲9号
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Office and Commercial Space
Company Introduction
BBMG Tintan Furniture Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Tintan Furniture) was founded in 1956, which is one of the core companies of BBMG, and also the only state-owned holding enterprise in the household industry at present. The Company has nearly 2,000 employees with registered capital of 1.27 billion RMB and its assets is more than 2.3 billion RMB. Tintan Furniture takes Beijing as the marketing R & D center and also has several major production and manufacturing bases including such as Hebei Dachang, Tangshan Caofeidian, Guangdong Foshan and Jilin Huadian, covering an area of more than 1160,000 square meters, which provides strong production support for its customers. Tintan Furniture owns the "Tintan" brand, which is mainly composed of modern furniture, the "Longshuncheng" brand, which is mainly composed of rosewood furniture, the "Tintan Ma Jencia" brand of the producer of professional theater seats, the "Alavus" brand of the European boutique door and window manufacturer and the "BBMG Beimu" brand of the wooden door industry leader. Each brand has its distinct characteristic, independent operation and superiority complements, and jointly forms the unique core competitiveness system of Tintan Furniture. With excellent products, professional design team and thoughtful services, Tintan Furniture has won the unanimous praise from the majority of users. Tintan Furniture will continue to adapt to the times and develop into a large-scale indoor environment integrated service provider with the characteristics of research and development (design), manufacture, trade and service in the future.
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