Company Name
Foshan Leadcom Seating Co.Ltd
Booth Number: S2.2D01
address Leping Town, Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China 528100
Product Type
Office Show
Company Introduction
Leadcom Seating is a global public seating specialist. We design,craft and create bespoke auditorium chairs, cinema chairs, airports chairs, lecture hall chairs, church chairs and transportation chairs. Every seat is excellent, every project is different. At Leadcom Seating, we are justifiably proud of our unparalleled custom-design capabilities. When we design seating for your space, our 33 highly-trained seating engineers take fully into account row spacing, any relevant height restrictions, level of functionality required, ease of installation and after-sales maintenance to meet your precise site requirements and accommodation specifications. We listen. We discuss. We advise. Our professional team of sales representatives and technicians can provide answers to questions you may have on our seating solutions. This includes design, planning, manufacturing, installation and after-sales maintenance. We are always on hand at the initial planning stage to advise and help you make the best use of your available space. Our decades of genuine, in-house “concept to installation” experience and expertise make us the rignt team for your project. Over time, Leadcom Seating has established an enviable reputation for providing seating of excellent comfort, performance and outstanding durability. Unlike many other seating companies who are merely responsible for assembly of most seating components outsourced to other suppliers, 99% of our products are well tooled in our 120,000 sqm in-house facilities with ONE MILLION seats production capability. You will have our well-trained production-planning teams to setup a full range of major processes needed to manufacture its products.