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CIFF (Guangzhou) Preview: Outdoor Furniture Leads a New Leisure Lifestyle


The 43rd CIFF (Guangzhou)-Outdoor & Leisure section will take place at PWTC Expo, Pazhou, Guangzhou on March 18 to 21, 2019.

As the first international event that reflects a better outdoor life attitude every year, the CIFF (Guangzhou)-Outdoor & Leisure 2019 will work with 350 excellent outdoor furniture enterprises at home and abroad to launch new products and bring together the diversified, quality outdoor furniture, famous Chinese & foreign designers and entrepreneurs, Chinese and foreign leisure life philosophies and industry trends at 70,0000-square-meter six halls so that audiences can explore the Blue Ocean in the industry and have a rewarding experience.

New Product Launch

The Outdoor & Leisure will bring together brands including such 350 enterprises as Meifa, Higold, Artie, Yatai, De-Garden, Wapus, Evergaining, Yiting, Yaobao, Divanolounge, Twsit, Couture, Artiture, Hongli, Sprading, Toplit, Yalees, Hantang and Wise Space Aesthetic Design. It will cover the themes including outdoor furniture, leisure tables & chairs, sunshade equipment, outdoor furnishings & supplies, barbecue supplies, tents, gardening decoration, landscape fountain, swimming pools, sculptures and wooden houses.

We work together with the industry to focus on creating four sectors such as New Courtyard Life Theme Pavilion (Hall 18.3), New Materials Cell (Hall 18.2), Party Zone (Hall 17.2) and Design Cell (Hall 18.1).






Make Design Happen, Find Voice in Design

1.Gather the Strength of Creative Design 

Bring together international designers, cutting-edge designers and design studios from Italy, the United States, the Netherlands and Hong Kong to create the Design Cell (Hall 18.1), presenting new ideas of Chinese and foreign outdoor furniture designs in the form of color, material and shape so that you can have the opportunity to closely communicate with industry designers.




2.Material Innovation Drives Design Innovation

Material innovation is the foundation of design innovation. CIFF works with Spradling, Topalit and other high-end outdoor material brands at home and abroad to develop and innovate in the outdoor home furnishing materials, jointly create the innovative materials and drive design innovation with material innovation. International designer Mr. Normand Couture will unveil the new outdoor furniture collection that combines six materials including leather, board, fabric and ribbons. If you love design or want to find new materials, do not miss it. More materials are available at Hall 18.2.



3.Spatial Design Creates a More Beautiful Landscape

A leisure life is inseparable from beautiful nature, cities and villages. Such enterprises as Wapus, Artie and Dongen use more eco-friendly, novel and diversified products to embrace nature and city, connect life with nature and create the new tourist courtyard life, homestay space and literati garden life. There will be many landscape design experts on the site to help the urban renewal and development of beautiful villages.




4..More Brilliant Design

Do not miss a series of brilliant design events in the 43rd CIFF (Guangzhou)-Outdoor & Leisure: Home Furnishing Design Show and 12x12 Design Show (Global Garden Lifestyle Festival) at Hall 17.3, the Joint Exhibition of Chinese Courtyard Leaders at Hall 18.3, New Product Launch Window and the “Leisure Life Without Boundary” Concept Show for footbridge. In addition, many brands will hold new product launches during the exhibition to share new trends, including the Ersha Island “Meet the Color of Italian Lifestyle” Design Night that is crossover cooperation between the cutting-edge design brand Twist and Lamborghini on the evening of March 19. You will discover more funny and beautiful concept designs.



As a theme exhibition of the Outdoor & Leisure, the Global Garden Lifestyle Festival is a “backyard” of CIFF. The Global Garden Lifestyle Festival 2019 will take you to explore the Italian ideas and trends. The 12X12 Creative Design Show will recruit 12 excellent design institutions and designers from different countries and industries and form a 12x12 "super team" in cooperation with 12 excellent enterprises to showcase the world's most creative outdoor furniture. We will also strive to create the first Outdoor Kitchen Life Experience Zone, EAST Salon and other brilliant exhibitions and forums, giving you a different experience in outdoor garden life and creative trends.



New Leisure Life Enters Thousands of Households in China

With the new round of consumption upgrade and the increasing market demand in China, the outdoor leisure lifestyle continues to enter Chinese families. New lifestyles such as balconies, barbecues, gardening and courtyards continue to enter our daily life.

Do We Have to Leave Home on Vacation?

As the balcony life gradually evolves into a new leisure lifestyle that brings people closer to their families, the CIFF (Guangzhou) 2019 will bring together the enterprises including Couture Balcony, Derui, Zhongyuan and Shiyang in cooperation with the Tencent Golden Penguin Balcony Design Competition to make the diversified balcony life enter thousands of households. Take a look at the balconies and enjoy the new lifestyle at Hall 17.2.


With the increasing life pressure, how long have you not held a party? Party Zone (Hall 17.2) will bring you a happier lifestyle.



Experience the Eastern and Western Leisure Cultures without Traveling around the World

Bring in and go global. CIFF works together with the industry and hopes that everyone can enjoy a leisurely and beautiful life. If the Global Garden Lifestyle Festival at Hall 17.3 is that CIFF incorporates the global garden lifestyle into China, then the New Courtyard Life Theme Pavilion blended with traditional Chinese garden culture and modern design language at Hall 18.3 falls in line with market trends, taps into the aesthetics of local leisure life and combines the reality of urban and rural development in a new form. It makes the villages, towns, scenic spots, landscape gardens and roof greening more beautiful as well as makes an easier and better courtyard life return to the thousands of families in China so that the world can better experience the Chinese garden culture. 



As a leisure space for CIFF, the Outdoor & Leisure has always been the back garden of CIFF. See you in the Outdoor & Leisure at PWTC Expo, Pazhou, Guangzhou on March 18 to 21, 2019!







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