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CIFF Presents a Slow-paced Outdoor Leisure Lifestyle in March


March is a golden period for global trade, a time for the world’s furniture industry to focus on Guangzhou; March is also a blooming season to embrace a prosperous CIFF where excellent outdoor furniture brands gather and shine.


Being a key international event of the year that delivers an outdoor & leisure lifestyle to the world, the 41st CIFF (Guangzhou)-Outdoor & Leisure will be held at PWTC Expo on March 18th – 21st , 2018 under the theme of “Slow down & Enjoy life”.

CIFF-Outdoor & Leisure will bring altogether 350 excellent outdoor furniture exhibitors and present to its visitors a variety of quality outdoor furniture, original design, Chinese and international leisure life philosophies and industry trends. Covering 70,000 square meters at Area D of CIFF Guangzhou, it has five theme halls where various displays and events will be showcased and visitors will gain a rewarding experience.



2018 Innovation: Gardening + New Materials

In response to market demand, CIFF-Outdoor & Leisure newly sets a special theme called “Make Garden Special” (Hall 17.3). The philosophy of “Slow down & Enjoy life” is well embedded in the comfortable furniture, sunshade shed as well as green plants and flowers to be on displayed, making a difference to a wonderful leisure life.



Good products depend on good materials. CIFF-Outdoor & Leisure is always committed to providing quality outdoor furniture materials. Besides introducing international brands such as Sunbrella to enrich theme types and enhance quality, in 2018 the show creatively sets the “Materials Innovation Area” (Hall 18.2) in addition to the Materials Section. It aims at conveying new ideas, new materials, new designs and new solutions through diversified product launches and forums.




Boosting “Good Design”: 

 Originality for Outdoor Furniture Rises

Thanks to the stable economic development and open global exchange, more and more excellent enterprises and designers bring good designs for outdoor furniture to the global market. This has gradually changed “good design” from “luxury” into “necessity”. 


To help the industry enhance originality and meet enterprises’ requests for innovative design, CIFF-Outdoor & Leisure works together with Wapus, Vineko, Higold and Couture to introduce “Designers’ Talk” events so as to let visitors gain a deeper understanding of product design, material application and functional integration.

8.webp.jpg1.Pininfarina Extra     2.Normand Couture

3.Louis.K.W.Ho     4.高扬

CIFF-Outdoor & Leisure is not only an international trade platform but more importantly a stage for "good design" to find its market, to enter daily life and go global, demonstrating the unique charm of China’s original design for outdoor furniture.


Relaxing and Rewarding Show Experience

As the “Backyard” of CIFF, Outdoor & Leisure is always committed to creating an environment for visitors to “Slow down & Enjoy life”. It will integrate commercial activities with leisure lifestyle and trendy design to present an aesthetic feast of outdoor leisure and bring more personalized, comfortable and rewarding show experience.


In 2018, the 3rd Global Garden Lifestyles Festival (Hall 17.3) will bring about more French garden lifestyle with France being the theme country. Garden scenes in both daytime and nighttime will be created via sound and photo-electricity. Multiple events will be arranged under the theme of “Green & Smart, Life & Art”, offering perfect visual feast and sensational enjoyment.

The Guangzhou Home Furnishing Design Show to be held at the same venue concurrently will embrace the 10th anniversary. Celebrating with events such as design displays, forums and trend launch, it will fully demonstrate the wisdom of China’s interior design.


In 2018, various entrepreneurs and designers will share their concepts of outdoor leisure, discuss new trends, working together to advocate a greener and better life. Couture will work with world-known designer Normand Couture to share his philosophy of the Home Resort. VINEKO, together with the team from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, will voice for China’s creative design. Wapus will interpret the intrinsic relations between “Chinese Residential Culture and Modern Leisure Life”. 



Experience a slow-paced outdoor leisure lifestyle in CIFF-Outdoor & Leisure. See you at PWTC Expo, Guangzhou on March 18 to 21, 2018!







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