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Where can I work now?

Perhaps a decade ago, the answer was the same---office, but now there are many answers---cafes, airport terminals, joint offices, bullet trains and SOHO...of course, besides offices. People can work anywhere anytime thanks to advanced technology, extensive networks and convenient transport, but the traditional offices will never disappear and will continue to evolve and change with the evolution of office furniture. An office is still the best place to integrate human wisdom and create unlimited values.


Everlane’s Office in San Francisco

The 40th CIFF (Shanghai)-Office Show (Halls 7.2 & 8.2) on September 11-14 is a good place that you cannot miss! The Office Show is the largest and most specialized office furniture fair in East China under the theme of “Creating a Warm Office Environment”. Based on the world’s largest specialized office show resources accumulated by CIFF over years and the advantages of Shanghai as an international city, the 40th CIFF (Shanghai)-Office Show will certainly present more highlights! 

Optimized Layout, Unobstructed Line of Motion

The 40th CIFF (Shanghai)-Office Show will have Halls 7.2 and 8.2 that bring together all office products. The booth layout is rationally designed to create a better exhibition environment and strong business atmosphere. The concentrated themes will produce an aggregation effect of foot traffic, and the more unobstructed line of motion will provide more professional audiences with a fantastic exhibition experience. The products of the upstream and downstream industries will be showcased in the same venue simultaneously to achieve resource sharing, facilitate the audience’s visit and attract more designers.  

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A Gathering of Brands, a Feast of New Products

CIFF is always a gathering of industry brands. There is no exception in the 40th CIFF (Shanghai). The Office Show will bring together the office furniture brands including Sunon, Victory, Huasheng, Maratti, Jingtai, Yuanqi, Merryfair, Kuoching, UE, Bosen, New century, Hongji, Dechang, Ruihua and Hangzhou Zhongtai. As China advocates consumption upgrade and the real economy grows steadily, local design is well-received by the market. Many office furniture enterprises representing Chinese design will make meticulous preparation and present to the industry a fantastic feast of office furniture and environment with ingeniously designed booths, a great variety of new products, new ideas and application of intelligent products and space. 

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The Korean Pavilion will debut in the 40th CIFF (Shanghai) that sees the increasing influence and charisma, diversified exhibitor base and higher degree of internationalization. All exhibitors will jointly tap into both the domestic and foreign markets. China’s most excellent and aggressive brands can compete and communicate locally with the international enterprises to get a more rewarding exhibition experience. 

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Happy Office, Forward-looking Trends

The Office Life Theme Pavilion is a highlight in CIFF (Shanghai). It will be relocated to Hall 8.2 in the 40th CIFF (Shanghai)-Office Show and invite Mr. Xu Zhaoming, an expert in China’s office furniture industry to act as curator. Planned and guided by Mr. Xu, under the theme of “Happy Office” based on the vision of Improving Office Environment, the Office Life Theme Pavilion will invite the brands such as Gaozhuo, Neofront, Qumun, Maratti, Kano-cn and Huagui to meticulously design, present an understanding of the needs of users from all walks of life, demonstrate the ideas about the designer’s office products and challenge the traditional, standard and rigid office space. There will be multiple keynote speeches, forums and seminars held simultaneously during the exhibition to keep pace with the market demand, forecast the global industry trends and promote exchanges and cooperation between the industry and the designers. 





On September 11-14,

The CIFF (Shanghai)-Office Show,

To Invite You to Experience a Warm Office Environment!


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