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The No.1 Central Document in 2017 proposes the new concept of “Pastoral Complex”


With the urban and rural construction into a new era, rural revival has become an important goal of the overall plan for urban and rural development. Accelerating the construction of beautiful villages is to enable people to “see mountains and rivers, and remember nostalgia”. The No.1 Central Document in 2017 proposes the new concept of “Pastoral Complex”, which coincides with the theme of “Bring Nature Home” in the 40th CIFF (Shanghai) - Outdoor & Leisure.

Pastoral Complex

What Is It

The Pastoral Complex is a comprehensive development model of featured towns and villages integrated with modern agriculture, leisure tourism and pastoral community. It is a sustainable model that conforms to the rural supply-side structural reform and new industry development under the situation of urban and rural integration in combination with the reform of rural property right system to achieve China’s rural modernization, new urbanization and socio-economic development. Agritainment is one of the models of the Pastoral Complex.


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The Pastoral Complex extends and develops based on the original eco-agriculture and leisure tourism, better reflects the unique charm and vitality of the village and creates a unique paradise for urbanites in the new era to realize their pastoral dreams. Today young people prefer gardens and countryside for vacation to big cities with skyscrapers. A large number of homestays have emerged, for example, the farm villages Zhoushan Islands and Qiandao Lake.


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Update Consumption Concept

Promote Industrial Upgrade

The 40th CIFF (Shanghai)- Outdoor & Leisure, which will take place on September 11-14, 2017, attracts a large number of brands to attend, focusing on export and helping the outdoor furniture enterprises exploit China market. The enterprises said that the outdoor or leisure furniture was to liberate people from city and make home natural & tranquil.


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Presently 60% of outdoor furniture is sold to the European and American countries and only less than 2% sold in China. This ratio appears to be small, but the furniture industry has quietly changed. As people’s living standards continue to improve and the intellectual life is more abundant, the outdoor furniture sees an annual growth of 20% in sales. This fully shows that people’s yearning for green and leisure furniture remains unchanged behind prosperity and rapid development of electronics technology.


Source of Photos: 6.2F19 Zhendong

Neo- arcadianism

Return to Original Beauty

In addition to the business model of pastoral complex, neo-arcadianism also proposes the urban and rural relationship, rural planning, agriculture, education, architecture and community culture and presents a picture of “Find yourself, share happiness, touch nature and sow for the future” based on care for people, relationships between people and between people and environment.


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The outdoor furniture enterprises that will attend the 40th CIFF (Shanghai) fully express their joy for the Pastoral Complex Policy. The enterprises such as Yotrio, Higold and Lilanfeng have implemented or will tap the homestay- and pastoral home life-oriented products. The collective display by 150 outdoor furniture enterprises will certainly contribute to promoting the development of the home furnishing industry under the Pastoral Complex Policy and the commercial and humane construction following the national policies.


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