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CIFF (Shanghai) September - Homedecor & Hometextile -- Decorate Your Dream to Make it Come True


If the hard decoration of a house focuses on perfect structure and arrangement of water and electricity to support the functionality of the entire house, then the soft decoration is just like a magic hand that turns a cold space into a warm and cozy home.

On September 11-14, CIFF (Shanghai)-Homedecor & Hometextile (Hall 5.2) will focus on the trends of soft decoration under the theme of “Decorate Your Dream to Make it Come True” to create a magnificent feast for home furnishings from a single product to the overall space and from homedecor to hometextile.


Today, let’s share the tips for soft decoration in combination with the participating brands in CIFF (Shanghai)!




American Style Can Also Be Very Stylish


American style gives a sense of history, which is reflected in decorations as well as in the pursuit of vintage decoration. Modern young people prefer to integrate the vintage American furniture into different styles, which retains the classical charm of space without losing the characteristics. If mixed and matched well, the new American style can also be a fusion.

✨Key Point 1: Big space uses big American furniture while small space is decorated with vintage accessories.

✨Key Point 2: The overall color style of furniture uses similar tone. Strong contrast is not recommended.

✨Key Point 3: The furniture with metal texture and the big American furniture always complement each other.



↑Breaking the straightforwardness and thickness of traditional American furniture, it offers the irregular and angular combination tea table and milky white sofa with soft curves, combined with perfect metal elements in details, forming a perfect combination of classical luxury and modern mild luxury.



↑The overall symmetrical design layout is in metallic color that mixes and matches the American sofa, decorated with the table lamp in the same color and the understated wall paintings and tea set with a strong sense of decoration. It makes the space look magnificent and full without excessive decorations.


Photo: Creative

↑The living room is decorated with classic American sofa and metal furniture, with the use of cool-toned sofa and metal hollow tea table decoration cabinet as a whole, reflecting both the thick American sofa and the simple metal lines.



↑A lamp made of shells, like the sand sculpture of a bard on the seabeach, has a unique style on the white Mediterranean wooden cabinet, and seems vintage and avant-garde at the humble corner of the home.




Cool, Modern Style May Not Be Calm


If you prefer the simple and fresh home decoration, you can choose the popular cool, modern style. In addition to the use of large area of contrast color block, the geometric patterns can be smartly applied to a small area to make the simple home look lively. You can use wall paintings and carpets to show your calm, vivacious character.

✨Key Point 1: Strong light-dark contrast.

✨Key Point 2: There should be no excessive colors in overall style, focusing the large color block on two colors, with the third color as decoration.

✨Key Point 3: A small area of geometric patterns is a highlight in modern style.



↑The background image in combination with square and circle blends in well with the industrial stairs and the tables and chairs in modern style, and couples hardness with softness, giving a sense of wholeness. 


Tian Yu-5.2B35

↑Three geometric background images cleverly enhance the visual height of the space and blend in well with the short sofa and the geometric pattern cushion, displaying the modern style vividly.



↑The lake blue carpet covering the entire living room is simple and magnificent, and focuses on black and white to make the living room look taller and add affinity and dynamics.



Small Decorations Can Create a Big Setup


Big houses focus on home furnishings while small houses focus on accessories. The highlights of home decoration can also be reflected from the details. The decors in various shapes and rich colors and with creative ideas are enough to be unique in the large color block.



↑A combination vase, which can be used to hold flowers or serve as decoration, mixes and matches the modern home style in blue and white to give a simple and different feeling.



Baina- 5.2B26

↑Transparent elements are always used for modern style. The sunny home style dominates the transparent decors and plays a leading role no matter in the tea table at the sofa corner or behind the transparent glass. It is dominant where there is sunshine.


Silkmusic - 5.2C15

Urban people have a stronger longing for plants and nature. A bouquet of elegant artificial flowers is a highlight in the soft decoration.



A pot of vivid micro-foundation landscape decoration with lovely and compact design is provided with the atomization effect to make the whole room look like a fairyland and cheer you up. 


Looking Good Can Also Be Very Useful


It is wrong if you think that the gorgeous furniture and furnishings are for appreciation only and cannot be played. In fact, the enchanting soft decoration elements have practical value to infuse elegance into the home furnishings.



People who love the vintage European style will certainly not adhere to “less is more” for the patterns and design for accessories. The exquisitely decorated tea set and fruit trays are ingenuously made.





If you feel that three meals a day are boring, you can change your idea and use the tableware in country style to mix and match your American-style furniture. It can bring you a good mood to prepare delicious food. 


Weland -5.2C22

↑You may also study your study that is most easily overlooked. Ordinary bookshelf and stationery can also be very elegant, reflecting your taste and pursuit. The fun in life is hidden at a touchable place.


After reading these tips, do you feel excited? Such soft decoration as homedecor and hometextile are highly associated with home furniture and gardening. The CIFF (Shanghai) 2017-Homedecor & Hometextile will be relocated to Hall 5.2 and share the same “leaf” with the Outdoor & Leisure, International Hall and Sofa Brands. A high degree of integration of Whole Home Decor elements can allow you to create your personalized space from the premium home furnishings without going far.


CIFF (Shanghai) attracts professional audiences and is geared to the needs of buyers. No matter you are a dealer, designer or terminal buyer, or people who need more colorful decorations for your family, do not miss this feast for soft decoration.

List of Some Brands

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September 11-14, 2017

The 40th CIFF (Shanghai)

Homedecor & Hometextile (Hall 5.2)

To Explore Your Soft Decoration Style

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