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CIFF Shanghai Dedicated to Presenting Fashion Home and Dream Life


From modern feel to vintage look, affordable luxury to minimalism, from Euramerican style to oriental flavor, home is the coolest stage for fashion. Whether a living room, dining room, or a private bedroom, you can present your own “catwalk show”. Choose a sofa, a table, or a bed you adore. Turn ordinary life colorful.


On September 11-14, 2017, the 40th CIFF (Shanghai) will be held at the National Exhibition & Convention Center, Hongqiao, Shanghai. The Home Furniture section with the theme of "Fashion Home, Dream Life", will gather high-end home furniture from all over the world as well as original design to reflect popular trend. It is destined to be a fascinating party for professional visitors, including buyers and designers at home and abroad.




Next, please take a look at the eight new changes of the Home Furniture section.

More Humanized Layout

With an optimized layout, the Home Furniture section is divided into International Hall, Design Hall, Customized and Smart Home Hall, Modern Furniture Brands, Classic Hall, Sofa Brands, Sofa Premium, Sleep Center etc.


This area is located on the first floor of the "Four-leaf Clover", covering 7 exhibition halls: Hall 1, 2, 3, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1 and the North Hall. You don't need to go up to the second floor. Whether walking clockwise or anticlockwise, you can easily grasp the entire series of high-quality products and efficiently obtain the industry trends of home furniture.


More International Brands

A Japanese Pavilion is to debut in Hongqiao this year. Curated by Mr. Toshiyuki Kita, a national design master of Japan, it will bring featured original design and elderly care furniture to be displayed together with renowned American brands such as Ashley, Century Furniture, Acme and New Classic.

Furthermore, top brand enterprises from dozens of countries and regions like Italy, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Africa, as well as pavilions from countries like Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United States and Japan will bring more exotic furniture and trendy lifestyle in the International Hall.


More Diversified Brands

This year CIFF Shanghai will welcome more and more brands from around the Yangtze River Delta and North China. The exhibitors from the Yangtze River Delta include KUKA, SCIHOME, YUEXING, OUEVANE, FUYUAN, TAISEN, YESWOOD. The exhibitors from North China include HUAHE, TIANTAN, HC28, RICH COLLECTION and RUNJIA. Of course, there are also friends from the Pearl River Delta like LANDBOND, ZUOYOU, YIHUA, KINWAI, WELON, CHANGJIANG, SAMPO KINGDOM. Furniture enterprises from all parts of China will present a richer and more diversified home furnishing options.


More Luxurious Sofa

Sofa, known as a strong category in CIFF, will create more satisfaction than ever this year. There are international giants like La-Z-Boy, the world's largest sofa supplier from America, Cheers (Man Wah) from Hong Kong, Chateau D’ax from Italy, HTL from Singapore, Lifestyle from American, White Feathers from Malaysia and FIM from Australia.


There are also top Chinese brands like KUKA, ZUOYOU, VIOLINO, SCIHOME, FURTON, ARIS, STEEL-LAND, ROYAL, FULI, LIXING. Sofa Premium (Hall 4.1) and Sofa Brands (Hall 6.1) will display sofa products from industry leading manufacturers, which will surely capture a lot of attention.




More Quality Mattresses

The sleep section that has been cultivated for a long time will witness a big leap in September. In addition to famous brands in the industry like the high-quality A.H.Beard from Australia, Sabady from Thailand, Mlily and Sleemon from China that have been old friends with CIFF Shanghai, powerful enterprises like Good Night, Tiantan, Enleen will make their first participation. All the brands will help improve sleep quality and create a healthy life in Sleep Center (Hall 4.1).


More Cutting-edge Technology

In order to satisfy consumers' pursuit for personality and their demand for novel functions to suit for small apartments, CIFF (Shanghai) will "make a big deal" in the field of smart and customized furniture. CIFF will work with China Furniture & Decoration Chamber of Commerce to specially establish the  Customized and Smart Home Hall (North Hall). Along with the Modern Furniture Brands (Hall 3), CIFF (Shanghai) fully connects designers, real estate and decoration industry to provide with first-class innovative technologies and products.



Sepsion will introduce transformed furniture to increase the utilization of living space; Debel will introduce a comprehensive solution to small apartments, which has been successfully applied to real estate projects; Gomlden will launch dual-purpose dining table/tea table that can stretch and fold to save space; German Pool, a Hong Kong famous customized cabinet and kitchenware brand, will introduce leading customized kitchen into China; Scihome, Changjiang and Great & Life will meet the needs of various types of houses with the most popular whole-house customized furniture.


Hedong HDL, Orvibo and Co-Cloud will bring leading edge smart home system and comprehensive solutions. Vinomax will show intelligent wine cabinet, using advanced technology to improve life quality and interpret the future of everyday life.



More Novel Design

Design Hall (Hall 2) will use more original design to create a cradle for home fashion. The hall gathers a group of brand enterprises featuring original design and market oriented brands, including Koda, Bonach, S·J Interior. This year, high-end furniture brands will join CIFF, such as the renownedHC28 from Beijing.


The EAST Design Show held in the same hall this year will use "tea" as the theme and a "tea set wall" to continue the popularity of "Eastool" last year. In addition, there are also Brand Show, Workshop Show and Youth Collection Show to reflect the new styles of  oriental design and turn good design into a good business.


The theme of "design matching" of CIFF will be perfectly demonstrated through the Pinnacle Awards Asia Pacific. The on-site display of the award-winning works will be a highlight of this event.



Simpler Euramerican Style

This year the exhibits in the Classic Hall (Hall 1) are younger and more simplified in style. Well-known classical brands like Lebetter, Ouevane, YueXing, Taisen, Asnaghi, Rich Collection, Runjia and Armola will bring you elegant and fashionable European and American furniture experience, accurately meeting the aesthetic demand of the young consumer market.


A fashion home is where dream life takes place

Join us on September 11-14

 At the National Exhibition and Convention Center, Hongqiao, Shanghai

Home Furniture Section of the 40th CIFF (Shanghai)

Looking forward to your presence



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