The 41st China International Furniture Fair(Guangzhou)
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Phase 1:18-21 March 2018   Phase 2:28-31 March 2018
97 Day
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Guangzhou Suixing Furniture Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Guangzhou Suixing Furniture Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
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Guangzhou Suixing Furniture Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Established in 1984, Guangzhou Suixing Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd is one of the first multi-functional smart furniture manufacturer in China. In 2010, the company made huge investment to set up a new factory site in Shitan Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou, with an area of 80,000 square metres and modern production lines. Suixing has been striding forward to the goal of producing & selling the state-of-art indoor furniture, meeting standards of Europe, USA and Japan, building up a worldwide leading brand.

The company believes in quality as the top priority, strictly controlling product quality with higher standard in furniture industry. It keeps picky about the raw materials, selecting imported gas cylinder to guarantee the functioning and durability of the products. It keeps using E1 MDF and lacquer to ensure product collections are environmental friendly. Its technology and craftmanship pursues best of the best, 100% inspection is implemented thoroughly in every process. Suixing has been constantly building up a green and creative smart home for customers all around the world.

From 2013,a long-term cooperation was built up between Gomlden (brand of Suixing furniture modern collection)and Easyline (well-known Italian brand of smart furniture). With perfect combination of fine techniques and creative ideas, they bring different kinds of popular functional furniture to the market.

a table with modern design and space-saving functions

folding table top for flexible capacity up-and-down adjustable heights for switch between dining and coffee table wheels installed for easy movement

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